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About Mr. Kennedy

I was one of those people who really did not know what they wanted to do in life and had to learn what I liked through the process of elimination. When I was young, I dreamt of being an NBA basketball player or a full time trap shooter but as time went on I realized I was unlikely to make a living out of either. This was difficult for me, as I did not really know what field I wanted to work in when I was a grown up. During my later years of high school in Webster, SD I began to look really hard for something that was exciting and paid well. After taking some computer programming classes with some friends of mine I began leaning towards a career as a video game programmer. That dream was short lived once I realized how difficult college calculus can be.

From this point in my life forward, I was determined to write independently and continue to aspire towards either a Bachelorís of Science in English Education or a Bachelorís of Arts in English for Writing. During my early college education I worked as a sports journalist, a sales clerk at a bookstore, a cook in a restaurant, and then a group home supervisor. With only one semester left of college, and still uncertain which of the two majors I would like to complete, I decided to take some time off of school until I could get my priorities figured out.

During my time away from school, I worked as a fiberglass bucket pumper and then decided I needed to join the National Guards. Within just a few months I was shipped off to training. After coming back home and spending a great deal of time considering what I would like to do with my future, I decided that I do have a love for the helping profession. With this in mind, improved discipline, and a newfound confidence to succeed I went back to school. Two years later I walked across the stage at Northern State University to receive my Bachelorís of Science in Psychology; however, I still was uncertain of just where I fit in the helping profession.

I was Honorably Discharged from the National Guard in 2008. This was about the same time I felt I had just found which area in the helping profession I wanted to be in and with my three primary educational goals in mind (attend every class, read everything assigned before that class, and do all homework to the best of my ability) I enrolled in Northern State Universityís Counselor Education Master's program. I did very well in the program and greatly enjoyed it, graduating in May of 2012 with a Masterís of Science in Education in school counseling. I currently am a member of the local Bensley-Rounds American Legion Post #280 as the Americanism officer and was honored to be chosen as the Post's Legionairre of the Year for 2018.




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